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Focus on myself

Focus on Myself

I need to be win then I tried to control my environment or someone else will do it.

I need to be focus on myself to reach my dream.

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But I have a big enemy.

My enemy follows me everywhere.

He had never slept.

He lives in my mind.

I called him Mr. Distraction.

Mr. D will show up almost every time when I started a new thing.

In this multitasking era, it's hard to be concentrate on something.

I was tended to controlled by the environment.

It's come from my smart phone.

From the little thing that called the notification.

The notification is showing up with beep sound or the vibrate on my pocket.

It will stop me for a second but the effect of this could be destroy my focus.

How can I solve it?

I need to stop looking something in my smart phone.

I should find a good time to sit and pray.

I should stop thinking too much about something that I don't have.

I should feel myself right now and gratitude for my life.

I should be figure out what is truly I need to do.

I should be drawn my goal and review it more often.

I had believed to change my life, I should change myself first.

It comes from inside.

So, I should be focus and control myself then my environment will follow it.

What is the thing I can control?

My attitude,
my emotion,
and my mind.

The good attitude will make my life more precious because I surrounded myself with the good people.

Controlling the emotion will make me proactive and be a good man in making decision.

And positive mind will make me more optimistic and energized to reach my dream.

So, I should remember and use it every day of my life.

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