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The Thief and The Book

The Thief and The Book

I work on my short story. I sat on the chair, try to write on the paper. I tried to work on the new idea.

The idea of this story is about someone who stole the book from the library because nobody cares about it.

Everybody ignore it, sell and burn it.

Somebody must save the books but he should face out that is illegal. I call it “The Special”

The special should have an idea to save all this book and fight with the people who work on “true way”. The special took a risk way because they should save and that mean they become the thief. He should steal the book as many as he could.

But he is not the student from the school. He just the boy who loves reading the book.

the book, book

The climax of this story is the boy captured by one teacher and he should meet the headmaster face to face. He should have a strong reason to make the principle deal with him.

How  can the special save the book? And what the solution?

This not a simple ! The time is change, the library abandoned. 

This is my experience making a short story but I can’t finish that. I have many jobs and limited time to do that. 

Why I took this theme?

I think, not many students cares with the library now. The books damaged by the time because they're too busy with their smartphone. The library becomes the ghost house because nobody visits the building anymore.

Besides, I would like to invite all of us to make a reflection, why should other people save it? And why it become a problem when the boy stole it. Like many situations in our real life, right? We got angry if people stole something from us but sometimes it because we don’t care about it.

I want to bring this situation to make their realize how important is this but at the same time, I should find the solution how to make student and people like to read at the library.

I planned and wrote this story about a few months ago when I still working as a teacher at Senior High School. Actually, I make this story because I want to join the writing competition.

But my purpose is to try my writing skill. For me, this is my challenge because I’m not teaching language subject but I love to write.

I'm glad to writing this in English. I love to share my idea, I hope you curious about that story. 

This story unfinished yet.

Yeah, this is my second article in English on this blog, I hope you like it ! You can read my first article.

See you !

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