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Be Proud of yourself

Be Proud of yourself

Do not wait until you have reached your goal to be proud of yourself.
Be Proud of every step you take toward reaching that goal.

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I am proud to be myself. My English have been improved since I used it every day.

My resolution is writing English without effortless.

I can make long articles with different topic especially that it had interested to me.

I should take a small step because there is not a perfect time to start write something.

I had committed myself to making an article everyday and I am going to publish it on my blog.

Writing is not as simple as people think especially if you do it in foreign language.

because I should think about the idea and translate to another language.

This happened because we are using the mother language in our brain.

I think this is a normal for language learner.

I should be proud because I can use foreign language to represent my mind.

It means I am on my way to reach my goal.

And to reach the high level, I gratitude for what I have now.

Always to be proud of yourself because If you don't, who will proud of you?

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