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10 Cerita Pendek Berbahasa Inggris (Bagian 1)

Cerita Pendek Berbahasa Inggris

Cerita pendek atau lebih dikenal dengan short story dalam bahasa Inggris adalah salah satu alat yang bisa kita jadikan sebagai referensi atau sumber belajar bahasa Inggris.

Berbeda dengan cerita novel yang pernah saya postingan sebelumnya cerita pendek ini hanya membutuhkan beberapa menit saja untuk membaca serta menyelesaikan ceritanya.

Tema dari cerita pendek ini sendiri biasanya lebih mengangkat tema-tema dalam kehidupan masyarakat yang dipoles dengan sedikit humor.

Bagaimana saya belajar bahasa inggris dari membaca short story ini?

Hal yang paling umum didapatkan dari aktivitas membaca ini adalah menemukan kosakata baru atau prasa-prasa baru yang umum digunakan sehari-hari. 

Namun selain itu sebenarnya kita juga sedikit banyak akan belajar tentang kebudayaan, kebiasaan atau lelucon yang ada di barat sana.

Nah berikut ini ada 10 cerita pendek berbahasa Inggris yang sedikit banyak akan membuat kalian tersenyum?


Silahkan baca dan kalian akan menemukan sendiri jawabannya.

Mr Smith

It was two weeks before Christmas, and Mrs Smith was very busy.

She bought a lot of Christmas cards to send to her friends and to her husband’s friends, and put them on the table in the living-room.

Then, when her husband came home from work, she said to him, 
Here are the Christmas cards for our friends, and here are some stamps, a pen and our book of addresses. Will you please write the cards while I am cooking the dinner?

Mr. Smith did not say anything, but walked out of the living-room and went to his study.

Mrs. Smith was very angry with him, but did not say anything either.
Then a minute later he cam back with a box full of Christmas cards. 

All of them had addresses and stamps on them.

“These are from last year”, he said. “I forgot to post them.”

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Untuk mengukur pemahaman kalian dari cerita di atas, silahkan coba jawab beberapa pertanyaannya.

Talk to Billy

Mrs. Jones was waiting for an important telephone call, but she had no bread in the house, so she left the baby at home and said to his five-year-old brother, ‘I am going to the shops, Jimmy, and I will be back in a few minutes.’

While she was out, the telephone rang, and Jimmy answered. ‘Hallo,’ said a man, ‘Is your mother there?’

‘No,’ answered Jimmy.

‘Well, when she comes back, say to her, “Mr.Baker telephoned”.’

‘Mr. Baker. Write it down. B-A-K-E-R.’

‘How do you make a B?’

‘How do I make ...? Listen, little boy, is there anybody else with you? Any brothers or sisters?’

‘My brother Billy is here.’

‘Good, I want to talk to him, please.’

‘All right.’ Jimmy took the telephone to the baby’s bed and gave it to Billy. When their mother came back, she asked, ‘Did anyone telephone?’

‘Yes,’ said Jimmy, ‘a man. But he only wanted to talk to Billy.’

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Nasreddin & The Fork

Nasreddin had an old shed. It had no windows, so it was very dark, and it was full of old things.

One day Nasreddin went into this shed to get a ladder, but slipped on something and fell against a big garden fork.

The fork hit him on the head and knocked him down. Then it fell on top of him and hit him hard on the left leg.

The ends of the fork then went into his long beard. He fought with the fork fiercely, and at last threw it off him, jumped up and ran out of the shed.

He was very angry.

He had an old sword under his bedm and he now ran and got this.

Then he ran back to the shed, opened the door suddenly and shouted in a terrible voice, ‘All right, come out and fight, you and all the other forks in the world ! I’m not afraid of you!’
cerita pendek, cerita bahasa Inggris, short story, cerita lucu bahasa Inggris

My Friend

A man always went to the same bar at the same time every day and asked for two glassses of beer. He drank them and then asked for two more.

One day the man behind the bar said to him, ‘Why do you always ask for two glasses of beer? Why don’t you get one big glass instead?’

The man answeres, ‘Because I do not like to drink alone. I drink with my friend.’

But a few days later the man came in and asked only for one beer.

‘Oh,’ said the barman, ‘has your friend died?’

‘Oh, no,’ said the man. ‘He is very well. This beer is for him. But I have stopped drinking beer. My doctor doesn’t want me to drink any more because it is dangerous for me.’

cerita pendek, cerita bahasa Inggris, short story, cerita lucu bahasa Inggris

I am not a Bear

Old Mr.Black loved shooting bears, but his eyes were not good any more. Several times he nearlu shot people instead of bears, so his friends were always very careful when they went out shooting with him.

One day a young friend of his wanted to have a joke, so he got a big piece of white paper and wrote on it in very big letters ‘I AM NOT A BEAR’. Then he tied it to his back and went off. His friends saw it and laughed a lot.

But it did not save him. After a few minutes Mr.Black shot at him and knocked his hat off.

The young man was frightenned and angry. ‘Didn’t you see this piece of paper?’ he shouted to Mr.Black. ‘Yes, I did,’ said Mr.Black. The he went nearer, looked carefully at the paper and said,  ‘Oh, I am very sorry. I did not see the word NOT.’

cerita pendek, cerita bahasa Inggris, short story, cerita lucu bahasa Inggris

When you got tired

Mrs Brown’s old grandfather lived with her and her husband. Every morning he went for a walk in the park and came home at half past twelve for his lunch
But one morning a police car stopped outside Mrs Brown’s house at twelve o’clock, and two policemen helped Mr.Brown to get out One of them said to Mrs Brown, ‘The poor old gentleman lost his way in the park and telephoned us for help, so we sent a car to bring him home.’ 

Mrs Brown was very surprised, but she thanked the policemen and they left.

‘But, Grandfather,’ she then said, ‘you have been to that park nearly every day for twenty years. How did you lose your way there?’

The old man smiled, closed one eye and said, ‘I didn’t quite lose my way. I just got tired and I didn’t want to walk home !’

cerita pendek, cerita bahasa Inggris, short story, cerita lucu bahasa Inggris

Look Better

Helen’s eyes were not very good, so she usually wore glasses. But when she was seventeen and she began to go out with a young man, she never wore her glasses whe she was with him. When he came to the door to take her out, she took her glasses off, and when she came home again and he left, she put them on.

One day her mother said to her, ‘But Helen, why do you never wear your glasses when you are with Jim? He takes you to beautiful places in his car, but you don’t see anything.’

‘Well, Mother,’ said Helen, ‘I look prettier to Jim when I am not wearing my glasses- and he looks better to me too !’

cerita pendek, cerita bahasa Inggris, short story, cerita lucu bahasa Inggris

Build an Electric Motor-car

A man was trying to build an electric motor-car. He worked in an office in the town during most of the week, but on Saturdays and Sundays he stayed at home in the country and worked on his electric car. Every Monday he told his friends at the office about his work on the car, but his news about it was never very good. Then at last one Monday morning he came to the office and said to his friends, ‘I have done it! I have driven from my home to here by electricity!’

His friends were all glad. ‘How much did it cost to get here by electricity?’ they asked.

‘Three hundred and two pounds,’ he answered. ‘Two pounds for electricity, and three hundred pounds for the electric wires from my house to the car.’

cerita pendek, cerita bahasa Inggris, short story, cerita lucu bahasa Inggris

Become an artist

An artist went to a beautiful part of the country for a holiday, and stayed with a farmer. Every day he went out with his paints  and his brushes and painted from morning to evening, and then when it got dark, he went back to the farm and had a good dinner before he went to bed.

At the end of his holiday he wanted to pay the farmer, but the farmer said,’ No, I do not want money-but give me one of your pictures. 

What is money? In a week it will all be finished, but your painting will still be here.’

The artist was very pleased and thanked the farmer for saying such kind things about his paintings.

The farmer smile and answered, ‘It is not that. I have a son in London. He wants to become an artist. When he comes here next month, I will show him your picture, and then he will not want to be an artist any more, I think.’

cerita pendek, cerita bahasa Inggris, short story, cerita lucu bahasa Inggris

Wake up !

Mr Jones was very angry with his wife, and she was very angry with her husband. For several days they did not speak to each other at all. 

One evening Mr Jones was very tired when he came back from work, so he went to bed soon after dinner. Of course, he did not say anything to Mrs Jones before he went upstairs. Mrs Jones washed the dinner the things and then did some sewing. When she when up to bed much later than her husband, she found a piece of paper on the small table near her bed. On it were the words, ‘Mother. – Wake me up at 7 a.m. – Father.’

When Mr Jones woke up the next morning, it was nearly 8 a.m- and on the small table near his bed he saw another piece of paper. He took it and read these words: ‘Father.-Wake up. It is 7 a.m. – Mother.’

cerita pendek, cerita bahasa Inggris, short story, cerita lucu bahasa Inggris

Nah, itu tadi beberapa cerita singkat berbahasa Inggris yang bisa saya sharingkan hari ini.

Semoga ini bisa bermanfaat dan menambah sumber belajar baru.

Sampai ketemu di postingan yang lain.

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