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My Experience making a blog

My Experience making a blog

This is my first article in English. Today I want to share my experiences making a blog. The reason why I’m focusing on a blog now because I need to improve my English by writing something here. I don’t have a specific topic to tell you now, I just try to write my long journey blogging activity with English. 

First, make a blog is very easy but to continue writing is difficult. Sometimes, I haven’t time to sit and write the article or maybe because I have a ton of job. So, I’m feeling tired of spending time on that.

I started to make a blog in 2012, not for a serious blog but just for write something about guitar & sometimes tell about my poor diary. I’m not always writing but if I have something interesting that I found on the internet, I put in there. I am not thinking about who can find my blog or get more visitor. I just do what I think I should do.

Sometimes I write my poem or copy paste article from another blog. This is not good but I do that. I just think my blog is like my book so I can put everything from anywhere. Very silly.

But after 1 year writes and gets nothing, I realize I should learn something so people can read my article. I started to learn SEO and try to make content. I change my mind. I tried to find what the people looking for if I’m in their position. Try to think like them based on what they need.

After 3 months make my original post. I can see people starting to visit my blog. I’m very happy because I get what I want. Finally, people know my blog and reading my article. I can’t describe my feeling here.

My secret is making an original content and make something different from the other or just modify (not copy that) the article to better information.

My tips for you !
What you target audience? Why the people should choose your blog or guess what you need if you looking something based on your topic blog. Think about their problem.

Believe you can beat another blog or you competitor. You can see a million blog out there on the search engine, what you think about that? Did feel lose? If yes you can’t beat them and you blog never get the top. But if you feel you can, you should find something to beat them. For me, I just do my best effort and learn from my mistakes.

In the beginning, I’m not thinking about money or get money from the internet. I just need people enjoy read my blog. This is actually not same now because I need people and get money from them. Hahaha...

This is my goal. I want to write a blog in English to get more visitor to my blog. Besides that, I want to improve my English writing skill. I’m not using any tool or join the course. I want to learn it from my experiment like this.

I hope people help me to correct my grammar or wrong sentences. I need you people. I sell my idea to you and you pay me with your comment. I think this is our deal now.

All right, I hope you enjoy my first article in English. I know this is not a good article. As I say, I need you to help me.

See you again !
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